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Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Today was a Snow Day in NYC, it also was my first day of doing a GIVEAWAY!  IT made a perfect day for people to stay in and use up social networking on the web (Facebook, Twitter, CPN, Blogger...etc.).  Thank you Snow-day; Our Cupcake in a Jar GIVEAWAY seems to be a success so far!

Cookies & Cream

Red Velvet w/crushed Nuts

Vanilla Cake w/ Choc Frosting

It was a Contest that allowed a person many different entry ways...
You could follow us @Thecavityshoppe on Twitter, You could "like" our fan page on Facebook, You could follow me here on Blogger, also, you could sign up at our website to join our "Cuppy Club" which has it's own benefits as well....

I'm pretty excited to see who the winner is!  So far I have over 50 people who have entered!  I will be posting sometime tomorrow day/evening who the winner is!
No later than 1/31/11, I will ship out to the lucky winner our Tasty Cupcake in a Jar (any flavor, frosting and topping of the winners choice).

I think I'm going to do this once a month!  I don't mind giving away some of our products; especially to those who are new to it, skeptic on trying it or who has really never heard of us.....  That's our goal!

Well my Blogging friends; I am leaving it at this as tomorrow I will post who is our 1st EVERY, GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!!!  Stay tuned.............

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  1. Our Giveaway Winner was Sheniqua Nina Fleming, from the Bronx, NY! Monday the 31st, I will be shipping out her STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE CUPCAKE IN A JAR!!!!
    The Giveaway was really fun to do! I think I will be doing a Monthly GIVEAWAY!!!! So Stay Tuned My Bloggies!!!!
    ~Ck @ The Cavity Shoppe!