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Friday, April 1, 2011


Lets start off with a full recap of our 

March Madness Blog

With March being a month full of Events & Successes 
we hope you enjoy reading....

Staten Island Advance Interview, March 4th, 2011

The actual interview took place on March 11th, 2011.  It had to be rescheduled but well worth the wait!!  Here is the link enjoy it!!!!  

This was the front Cover of the East Shore section in the Advance
(our article begins here....)

& this is our entire page Article!!!

All I/we can say is that the article was AMAZING!  Virginia (Gina) did such an AWESOME job writing it!  We thought we'd get a small section on a page; but instead we got a full page and part of the front page of the Eastshore section of the Staten Island Advance.  Thank you soo nuch Virginia!
We've received such an abundance amount of phone calls and orders.  From this article we now have at least 1 booking per month til October, including - Bridal Shower, Communions, Sweet 16, Graduations and Big 1st Birthdays!!!  
I think our biggest project will be the 3-Tier Fondant Sweet 16 Cake!  I've never done a 3-Tier cake before.  It's in June so theres more than enough time to practice....lol.  
I am soo excited to do this.  It's going to look great!
At the end of this month we have a Communion so stay tuned to next months Blog for pictures!

Big Boy Justin turns 2!!!! On March 5th, 2011

Your turned the BIG 2!!!

Big boy Justin had such a cool Birthday theme!
It involved the primary colors, puppet show and great fun activities!
We wee very glad that we were a part of creating such grand memories!
Thank you Justin for the sweet note!
It will forever be cherished!  You and your sister are my youngest fans!
Your whole family ROCKS!

We gave a dozen of our Cake Pops in the primary color theme as a token of our appreciation to the Family!

Here are our actual Cupcakes in the primary theme.

ECPW on March 5th, 2011
Wrestling & Cupcakes!

So we showcased our Cupcake in a Jar as well as our Pops at this event.  
It was a hit in various ways!
We gained contacts and orders for future venues
Thanks Christine! (from SI Parent).

A variety of our Pops flavors & colors

Here are a couple of our Cupcakes in a Jar

Our Snowball Cupcake in a Jar

Vanilla on Vanilla for the non-daring!

Plus Academy Charlotte, NC on March 19th, 2011

We headed down south for the Open House Tour 2011! 
So this Event was definitely Eventful!!!
It was Jason, Meli-Melz, Maris & myself on this road trip to Charlotte.  We thought we were going to leave at 8pm on March 18th; instead we ended up on the road at 1:30am the next morning.  We all broke night to make sure all was complete.  So tired we were but excited nonetheless for this road trip.  We had such a blast on the road!   It was such a well-deserved time away....even though it was only driving for 11hours. We drove straight; splitting the driving 3 ways (Jason 300+miles, Maris 150+miles & Myself 250+ miles) each way. 
We finally stopped @ Denny's at like 7am somewhere in Virginia.  Great hospitality and meal then we went on our merry way, leaving less than half the ride left to go.  What I found weird was that Virginia's 7am looks like our 5am in NYC.  It was weird.  We even asked the waitress at Denny's if the sunrise and time was usual, and she said "pretty much".  7am in NYC you need your shades in Virginia it was gloomy yet clear skies....
We arrive within minutes of set-up time left at the Performing Arts Center.  Talk about cutting it close!
Everyone including the beautiful Tiffany "Tip" Jones gave us such a warm welcome!!!  Southern Hospitality to the fullest.  Our Cupcake in a Jar concept and presentation wow'd pretty much everyone there.  A full success with all the attendees and fellow vendors.
Jason & me posing, then Me & Meli-Melz posing below

Once the event was over, we all collectively decided to rent a room at a Hotel to shower, freshen up and get some shut-eye, yet we were in an unfamiliar city and in the midst of bright lights and major traffic from the public.  So we chose to eat at a Mexican restaurant VIDA and it was totally AMAZING!!! From the Decor, Service, Plating, Food & Drinks, everything was superb!  If you are ever in Charlotte please go check out VIDA.  Charlotte is such a pretty city! This trip was so well worth it for the mind, body & soul.
 Vida - An amazing Restaurant!!!

This is one of their Signature drinks - Margarita 
(what makes it that much special is how it's made) 

But unfortunately, it wasn't something that was in the Company's best interest financially.  So we've decided to resign from the upcoming May Finale @ Plus Academy.
Our ride back home began well until we decided to eat at the infamous Waffle House.  What is the damn hype about that place!?  Needless to say we damned each sign we seen while on our way back home on the Interstates.  
We got stuck in traffic jams every 3-4 exits!  Of course I was the one who was behind the wheel while so!  We had fun regardless.  We seen a flying mattress; actually 2 of them!  That was pretty funny!  No one got hurt; the mattress was still attached to the vehicle.  
While in DC we passed the Lincoln Monument and seen the Capital.  It was during the night so the lights looked so pretty.  We reached NYC around 11pm Sunday night.

Look at the Moon!  It seems as close as the highway lights and bigger!

This is one of the Mattresses that we saw flying.  There was a little traffic at this point so it wasn't flying but it sure was funny when it was.....lol

We were a few blocks away from the Stadium.  It looked nicer at night with the hues of blue.


Now onto The Cavity Shoppe's Spring Ahead Events

This month is also full of fun Events

April Issue of S.I. Parent Monthly Magazine

Since last blog we had decided to advertise in a local monthly magazine.  We love Staten Island and want to open shop up here and no where else out of the 5 Boroughs.  So why not choose SI Parent?  It's an Awesome magazine that caters to all Staten Island and it's peoples needs/wants.  Why not put The Cavity Shoppe into something like that!?!?
Christine Saviano who has been nothing but a pleasure to work with and a pleasure in meeting has given some of us an extra bonus by adding a separate section where it allows your Company's name under "Party Guide" (separate free advertisement). Check out our Ad on page 148 and 68 for the free advertisement party guide section.
We've already received an inquiry and a potential order.  So stay tuned to next month's blog as we give updates on what success this brings to The Cavity Shoppe.

This is our actual Ad in SI Parent!
Jason did such an incredible job creating the Ad.
You rock Baby!!!!

Last April 4th, Charity Events for NYC's Youth in Danger!

Last month The Cavity Shoppe was a Sponsor for Cindy Serrano's Charity Event: NYC youth in danger @ The Loft, downtown Manhattan with a Comedy/Birthday Theme.  Cindy is such a sweet young lady with a heart of Gold who continues to reach her goal in helping our city's youth.  I am honored to have been a part of her 1st event and now that she is doing a 2nd one with an NCAA theme, she asked us to sponsor it as well.  
With pleasure we decided to donate a variety of our mini Alcohol-infused Cupcake flavors (Coquito, Cafe Patron, Margarita, Pina Colada, Wine & Cheese and our new Bailey's Irish Cream "Luck of the Irish" Cupcake.
We will have a table there as well selling our delectable unique flavored Alcohol-infused Cupcakes in all 3 sizes: Regular, Mini & Jar.

These are our Bailey's "Luck of the Irish" Cupcakes

These are our Pops

Our Jars

Come and join us in supporting Cindy and her cause. It's a $25.00 minimal donation at the door.  Free food & Open Bar (top shelf).

April 10th, Hell's Kitchen Flea Market Gourmet Food Vending Bizarre 

Last year we participated in their 1st year doing a Gourmet Food Vending Bizarre and we sold out all of the Cupcakes that we had made almost 2hrs before ending of the event.  Needless to say it was a HIT!  It was such a success for everyone who participated that they decided to continue it on a monthly basis on the 2nd Sunday of each month beginning on April 10th.  
The Cavity Shoppe was invited back to join in, and since it was such a hit for us we decided why not continue to vend at the Flea Market and network all in one.  Plus they have some really good food and sales going on all day.  You should stop by and check us and everyone else out!  Pre-warn you....come hungry!!!

April 14th, Staten Island Chamber of Commerce Dinner

We've learned that in a world of opportunity that sometimes you must make yourself known to these opportunities.  Surround yourself amongst and elite group can never hurt, on the contrare it may be quite beneficial.  This is a casual dinner with members of the Committee.  Hopefully it can give a more insight of how the Chamber works and how both them as us benefit from its purpose.  

April 29th, Peter's Communion

This particular event is special because it was the 1st order that came in from our full page article in the SI Advance.  A large order of a variety of our flavors were chosen and we will add a personal touch to go with the theme.  Stay tuned for pictures in our upcoming blog.

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April 1st,   Delicia Davis Burrell

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April 18th,  Micheal Williams from NYC

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