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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Cavity Shoppe's March Madness!!!!

A reflection on The Cavity Shoppe's
February Events

The Best Red Velvet Cake in Staten Island Contest on February 10, 2011

Want to Thank Robert for inviting us to participate in this event.  There were 3 separate winners.  They had an Amatur winner, a Professional winner & a Artist's Choice.  Well since we competed in the Professional contest we did NOT win; but we did come in 2nd Place!  Can't complain about that!!!  Maybe next year we can be in first!  I did taste 1st Place winners cake and must admit it was good!  Well deserved!

Here is a picture of my 4 Layer Red Velvet cake 
with a Cream Cheese frosting, 
chopped pecans and topped with Red Velvet Cake crumble

& here's the cake that actually won 1st Place.

Queens Fashion Week on February 12, 2011

This was an Amazing Event!  
I definitely want to thank Delali Osun Hailigah 
for inviting us to participate and be able to showcase 
our Cupcake in a Jars as well as Sponsor their VIP section.   
The Fashion show was amazing!  
Such awesome talent!  Beautiful women and people in general.  
Jason & I both met some really nice people and great connections.  
Our Cupcake in a Jar was a BIG Hit!  
Seems most haven't heard of a Cupcake in a Jar 
and were amazed by it.  

Here we are posing in front of our vendors table

 & here again

VIP Section Display with our Mini Cupcakes

Valentine's Day February 14th, 2011!

Want to thank everyone for buying all their Valentine's Day delectable treats for themselves &/or their loved ones!!!  We were very honored to do your desserts for your special day!
Things were soo hectic for us that I didn't have time to really take any pictures so these are just 2 of the many different Goodies that we made for our customers.

A shared Cake for a couple

Strawberries & Champagne cupcakes

A Special Birthday on February 18th!

Happy Birthday Baby Sis! 
(mind you she'll be 22 years old)
This is Dimaris, my baby sister who stated to me that I am to be the only one to do her Birthday Cake as I have for the past few years now.  So of course I did with pleasure!  Last year I did a "Pride" cake and this year she wanted the same theme, so I decided to do a 6 layer slightly mango flavored cake with 151 Bacardi Gold Rum frosting inside.  Each layer of cake simulated each color of the Gay Pride Flag as well as the topping had the pride rainbow butter cream frosting and butter cream basket weaving design.

The almost finished product

This is the topping of her cake

See all the pretty layers
She had a blast, we all did!  She was surprised with her cake and her party!!!  She even cried when she saw her cake... right after I smeared cake all over her face (it's expected/traditional of me to do that to the birthday girl/boy).  Her party was definitely one to remember!!!! (wink-wink)

Baby Showers

Unfortunately we were not able to do the both Baby Showers that we had anticipated.  One of the Mommies to be gave birth almost 2 weeks prior to her due date and we couldn't provide our services on the switched date due to conflict of events.

But....., we were able to do Lindsay's Baby Shower for baby girl Audrey.  Lindsay had a "Tea Party" theme for baby Audrey.  It was the cutest theme!!!  

Here is our Cupcakes on display for Lindsay & Audrey!  You will see our Boston Cream, Red Velvets, Maple French Toast & Banana Nut mini Cupcakes on display.  We sent her a dozen baby girl pink & white chocolate covered pretzels as well.
 Picture Perfect!
Lindsay, I am soo glad you liked and that they were a hit!  
Also, thank you so much for the precious little Thank you note!  
Am excited to do something for Lindsay & Daniels son Justin, 
who will be turning 2 this month on the 5th.

That was all of our February Event updates.  

Onto our 

March Madness events.....

Now that things are picking up Jason & I both decided it's time to Advertise in Magazines....etc.  So this month we will be in talks about Advertising in SI (Staten Island) Parent Monthly Magazine.  
It's an Awesome magazine that caters to all Staten Island and it's peoples needs/wants.  Why not put The Cavity Shoppe into something like that!?!?  So hopefully by April's Blog post you'll have an update on if we are "live" in the magazine.  How cool is that!?!

Staten Island Advance Interview, March 4th, 2011

At the ArtHaus event last month we met a Reporter from the Advance Newspaper by the name of Virginia (Gina) Sherry.  She was one of the 1st people I met as I walked in with my almost 10lb 4 layer Red Velvet Cake.  
I had just dyed my hair the vibrant RED that I've been doing for a very long time now.  I walked in with my cake and matching with mine 
and everyone else's cake...lol.  
Virginia introduced herself and began asking me a few questions.  
As I responded she became more intrigued.  Not wanting to devote all her time on me and not the other contestants she handed me her business card as I handed mine to her and she stated that she would be calling me in the next couple of weeks.  
Well Virginia kept her word.  She called me and we began to talk.  She asked to meet next Friday and watch me bake as she interviews me.
I will not lie and say that I am not nervous!, but I can taste the success and will do what it takes to make it happen and hopefully this is something that can open doors for The Cavity Shoppe "Where the fillings are sweet"!!!

Big Boy Justin turns 2!!!! On March 5th, 2011

Your turning the BIG 2!!!
His Parents are good/beautiful people (Daniel & Lindsay)
 and this is little man Justin!  
He's the cutest little thing!  Still hear him saying "Elmo"....lol.  
Justin's turning 2 soon and we were asked to bake 
the basic chocolate & vanilla 
for his 2nd Birthday party.  
Primary colors were requested and all was left up to me.  
I can have some fun with this one!  
Will post the pics in my April Blog; recapping March events.

ECPW on March 5th, 2011

Wrestling & Cupcakes!

We were invited to showcase our Cupcakes at an Annual event by the lovely Christine from SI Parent Magazine.  
We decided to go with our Cupcake in a Jar Cupcakes at the Annual Moore Catholic High School East Coast Pro Wrestling Event.  They are expecting over 400-600 guests so we're thinking of making at least 250 jars.  

They can be eaten right there and then, 
shared or saved for after the event
Thinking of making an assortment of flavors such as: 
Boston Creams, Captain's Cupcake, Cinna-cups, 
Cookies & Cream,  Maple French Toast,
& our famous Red Velvets

Plus Academy Charlotte, NC on March 19th, 2011

We're heading down south for the Open House Tour 2011! 
At Queens Fashion Week we were approached by a very sweet young lady by the name of Jay (Janelle) who coordinates Sponsorships for Plus Academy Charlotte NC.  She was intrigued by our Jars and spoke to us about The Cavity Shoppe going down to Charlotte for this "Open House" & "The Finale".  As she spoke to us it seemed like something that we definitely were interested in doing.  We love meeting new people and networking and to make a friend out of all the networking is always a blessing so we welcomed the invitation with open arms!  
Since Jay hadn't heard/seen anything about our Cupcake in a Jar Cupcake she said that our jars aren't something that has been seen or heard of down in Charlotte and that theres a big possibility of selling out!  So now we'll be making at least 300 jars for the first event this month and see where it leads us.  Gives us an idea what to expect from the second/final event.

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This month's Birthday Shout-outs!!!!

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